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The Best Paper Shredder For Small Business to Buy in 2021 - [Expert's pick]

A paper shredder is an ultimate solution for getting rid of old documents. It is extremely dangerous to throw away documents containing personal names, addresses, bank accounts… 

Business owners should be aware of this danger. Buying the best paper shredder for small business is more economical in the long run.

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Top 10 Best Paper Shredder For Small Business

The shredders below have the most compact design, but still ensure good capacity to meet office needs. Moreover, users can count on their affordable prices, with a small investment, they gain more benefits.

1. GBC 14 Paper Shredder  

Important Specifications

  • Manufacture: Yiantian

  • Sheet capacity: 14 sheets

  • Security level: cross-cuts

  • Runtime: 20 minutes

  • Bin capacity: five-gallon pull-out bin

Product's highlights

The versatility and good productivity of GBC 14 Paper Shredder make it suitable for modern offices. Compared to other machines of the same type, the more convenient point of this product is that it has two shredding slots. The wider slot can shred a stack of 14 A4 sheets, while the smaller slot is for credit cards and letters.

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  • There is a cooldown time indicator light.

  • Clear plastic sheet to look at the paper bin to know when to take out the trash.

  • Destroy CDs, DVDs.


  • The trash paper basket is relatively small, filling up after about 20 minutes of shredding.

Bottom line

This product is the best paper shredder for small businesses and is backed by a 2-year warranty. Small businesses will have a compact yet all-around shredder that goes beyond standards at a modest price.

2. AmazonBasics 6      

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Amazon Basics

  • Sheet capacity: 6 sheets

  • Security level: cross cuts,  P-4 standards

  • Runtime: 3 minutes

  • Cooldown: 30 minutes

  • Bin capacity:  4.1 gallons 

Product's highlights

For small offices that require high security, the AmazonBasics 6 will be the most suitable choice. It has powerful micro-cuts to destroy sensitive documents. 

What's more, office owners only need to spend about $50 for this one all-in-one shredder. Therefore, many customers have chosen this best compact shredder.

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  • Micro-cutting technology in a compact machine.

  • The safest shredder for confidential documents

  • Cheapest price compared to other micro-cut shredders

  • Fast shredding speed


  • Runtime limited to 3 minutes

  • Shred up to 6 sheets at a time

  • When there is a paper jam, you need to reverse it manually

Bottom line

The AmazonBasics 6 is suitable for businesses such as law firms or small clinics. Where there is not much paperwork but requires high security of customer information. 

You certainly don't want your customers' medical, or social security information to be leaked. However, you should note that the shredder's runtime is 3 minutes. So, if you have a stack of hundreds of sheets it can be an inconvenience. 

The AmazonBasics 6 is not heavy duty. However, if used for small offices, it is very suitable and does not have to worry about the budget deficit.

3. Aurora AS420C

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Aurora

  • Sheet capacity: four-folded sheets

  • Security level: Crosscuts

  • Safely Shreds: Papers, cards, staples

  • Runtime: 2 minutes

  • Bin capacity: 40-sheet 

  • Weight: 5.07 pounds

Product's highlights

One of the lowest priced products on today's list, office owners can own the Aurora AS420C for as low as around $30.  The Aurora AS420C is built for flexibility and portability. Despite its very small size, the shredder is also capable of crosscuts.

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  • Pros                                                                          

  • Features a built-in handle for easy lifting  

  • Streamlined design

  • The cheapest shredder for cross cuts

  • The shredder works for credit cards, staples, paper clips


  • Runtime limited to personal use

  • Bin capacity is only about 40 sheets

Bottom line

We recommend this machine for office owners and managers. Its portability advantage and ultra-compact design make it great for every employee at the office. It can also become a countertop shredder for cashiers or customer employees to destroy documents they don't use.

4. GBC Super Cross-Cut

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer: GBC

  • Sheet capacity: 7 sheets

  • Security level: P4

  • Runtime: 6 minutes

  • Cooldown: 30 minutes

  • Bin capacity:  3.3-Gallon

Product's highlights

If you are looking for compact-sized shredders with the fastest speed, I have found the best small paper shredder for you. This GBC shreds paper twice as fast as conventional types. The capacity of the paper bin is also large so you don't have to empty it so often.

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  • Affordable price

  • Compact and stylish look

  • Superfast shredding speed

  • Great security


  • For small office use

  • Bad experience when using with staples, paper clips

  • No jam prevention technology

Bottom line

The machine will be a great asset for small departments or home offices. It is not optimal for heavy tasks though. Based on its fast paper shredding ability, the shredder best fits small teams or office managers.

5. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Fellowes

  • Sheet capacity:  18 pages

  • Security level: Cross-cut P4 standards

  • Runtime:  30 minutes

  • Bin capacity:   9 gallons

Product's highlights

Your employees do not need to deal with paper jams any more thanks to Fellowes Powershred 99Ci featuring 100% jam-proof technology with three anti-jam tiers. This is the best paper shredder for small businesses as it requires no maintenance. It's a bargain to get a high-powered P4 security level for a price of just over $200.

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  • 100 % jam-proof

  • Do not require maintenance

  • Run continuously for 30 minutes

  • Affordable price

  • Have a light indicator when the bin is full


  • Small shredded papers fall out of the bin when taking out.

Bottom line

An office with many employees who need to shred paper will benefit from this machine. Users also love the auto-detection feature to identify stacks that are too thick for shredding. 

This shredder will restart automatically when you remove some of the sheets. Its large bin saves you from taking out the trash every day. The shredder is most ideal for offices with 5-10 employees.

6. Aurora JamFree AU2030XA

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Aurora

  • Sheet capacity:  20 sheets

  • Security level: P4 cross-cuts

  • Runtime:  60 minutes

  • Cooldown:  50 minutes

  • Bin capacity:   7 gallons

Product's highlights

The Aurora JamFree AU2030XA will be the best paper shredder for small businesses under 15 people. To shred thousands of sheets, you need the Aurora 20-Sheet capacity with 60 minutes of continuous runtime.

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  • No paper jams

  • Over-run detection and auto-shutoff

  • Run for an hour without pauses

  • Shred 20 sheets at the same time

  • Auto turn off after 5 minutes when it is not used

  • Trusted brand


  • Cool-down takes 50 minutes long

Bottom line

The Aurora JamFree AU2030XA works excellently for a team of fewer than 15 people. If your project has a lot of papers to be destroyed, you can rest assured to choose the Aurora. 

With a capacity of 20 sheets at a time, the machine can shred thousands of papers in a 1-hour runtime. In particular, the notary or human resources offices will be delighted to own a paper shredder like this.

 7. Royal 1840MX

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Royal

  • Sheet capacity:  18 sheet

  • Security level: Cross-Cut P4 standards

  • Runtime:  60 minute

  • Cooldown:  5-15 minutes

  • Bin capacity:  8.5 gallons

Product's highlights

If you don't want to wait for a cool-down time as long as 50 minutes with Aurora, you can make a switch to Royal 1840MX. It only takes 5 - 15 minutes to cool down. 

When the shredder becomes overheated, it will have an automatic stop function to protect the cutting blade and motor. However, only 5 minutes later you can continue to shred papers.

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  • Quality product

  • Smart technology to minimize cool downtime

  • Can shred CDs, DVDs, cards within seconds

  • Long shredding time

  • Large bin capacity

  • The cutting blade and motor are backed for five years


  • Not a cheap one

  • Overheating can happen

Bottom line

The Royal 1840MX can assist you to destroy thousands of sheets of paper in a very short time. Because, its capacity reaches 18 sheets per pass. 

This product also has a long warranty period for the motor and blade, giving you peace of mind to choose for your office use. Besides, the Royal shredder features built-in wheels for ease of movement.

8. Bonsaii EverShred C149-C

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Bonsaii

  • Sheet capacity:  18 sheets

  • Security level: Crosscuts 1/4 x 1-50/87 inches

  • Runtime:  60 minutes

  • Cooldown:  10 minutes

Product's highlights

The Bonsaii EverShred C149-C is most suitable for destroying a great number of papers and documents. 

The security level of the shredder achieves P3 standard, specifically, the size of shredded paper is 1/4 x 1-50/87 inches. 

This machine can work continuously for an hour and only needs 10 minutes to cool down. Team leaders and office owners are very happy with the outstanding performance of this best paper shredder for small businesses.

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  • Long shredding session

  • Short cooling downtime

  • High performance

  • Very affordable


  • Relatively small paper bin for its capacity

Bottom line

The Bonsaii EverShred C149-C is the most valuable heavy-duty shredder for small offices. It can shred staples, credit cards, and CDs. 

The Bonsaii manufacturer offers an easy operation with straightforward buttons so that every employee gets used to the machine after just one use. 

The durable and versatile shredder has greatly increased the paper shredding speed of the office, especially sales offices with many documents, invoices, and letters.

9. HSM shredstar X20

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  HSM, a known brand with 45 years of experience

  • Sheet capacity:  20 Sheets

  • Security level: Cross-Cut

  • Runtime:  15 minutes

  • Cooldown:   30 minute

  • Bin capacity:  6.9-Gallon

Product's highlights

The operating sounds of the shredder can be distracting and cause noise pollution in the office. You will eliminate this discomfort when using HSM shredstar X20. 

You don't want the sound of a shredder to intervene in an important customer call, or disrupt an important conversation with a partner. HSM's shredder will operate quietly even at the full capacity of 20 sheets.

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  • Fast shredding speed

  • Elegant look

  • Durable, the cutting cylinder gets a lifetime guarantee

  • Reputable manufacture

  • LED light indicators while operating

  • Auto start and stop function


  • The runtime is only 15 minutes

  • Inadequate manual guidebook

Bottom line

We recommend this shredder for small offices of 5-10 people. The shredder fits perfectly if you need a quiet working environment. Especially, when you need to make a lot of phone calls or receive clients at the office. 

Staff also appreciate the convenience and effective anti-jamming technology of this best business shredder.

10. Fellowes LX22M Powershred  

Important Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Fellowes

  • Sheet capacity:  20 Sheets

  • Security level: Micro Cut

  • Runtime:  30 minutes

Product's highlights

The Fellowes LX22M is a long-standing brand for office products. The model LX22M is a great product. An all-in-one paper shredder for ultimate performance. In particular, the machine is often used by multinational corporations and public agencies because of its absolute security with micro-cut technology.

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  • Jam-proof 100%

  • Super quiet

  • Highly secure, micro-cuts into tiny confetti

  • SafeSense technology to stop shredding when censoring hands touching the entry

  • Great productivity and durability

  • A truly heavy-duty shredder


  • Shorter runtime than others of the same categories

  • More expensive

Bottom line

You should invest in this premium shredder. Because, it will be different from other products. Paper jam will never happen. 

Besides, the shredded particles are too small to be recovered, which can only be useful as worm food. The LED signaling system also intelligently guides users when the shredder is overheated, needs discharging, or cool-down time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Things to consider when choosing the best paper shredder for small businesses?

To choose the best shredder, you need to quantify the papers you need to shred. A thousand a day, or ten thousand sheets a day. 

Next, you need to think about the security level. If your need limits to non-legal and not sensitive information, a P3-P4 cross-cut shredder is good enough. 

For more security like the social number, credit information, bank account… You need an upgrade to P4 micro cuts.

2. What is the standard continuous runtime?

One shredder can work up to 1 hour max. However, the average runtime is only 15-20 minutes. 

Modern shredders have real-time cooling technology that will help the machine cool down while it's still running. That heat dissipation mechanism increases continuous use time to 30-40 minutes.

3. What are cross and micro cuts standard sizes?

P3 and P4 are cross-cut types of shredders and most popular these days. And some shredders strive to achieve a micro cut which is P5 to P7 of security level. It is hard to imagine the sizes in inches, so let’s take a look at this picture.

While P3 and P4 shredders are most popular among small businesses. Micro cuts are like super tiny confetti and are used for strictly confidential documents.

4. Can I use a plastic bag instead of the paper bin?

You can totally. Users often use a large plastic bag to gather the shredded papers to avoid scattering them on the floor. It also makes dumping a lot more convenient.

5. How often are paper jams?

First of all, you need to follow the capacity of the shredder. Using the maximum capacity can make the machine try too hard, which can result in loud noise or jams. 

Some shredders have the function of automatically recognizing the thickness of papers. If the stack of sheets is larger than its capacity, the shredder will not operate.

Final Verdicts

For small businesses, a paper shredder with a capacity of 10-20 sheets per pass is a reasonable choice. We believe that the P4 paper shredders will perfectly meet the office needs. You can also invest in micro cut technology to take security to the next level. 

The best paper shredder for small business costs between $150 and $300. However, there are also compact, personal-use solutions as suggested in the article. Still, it's a worthy and very reasonable payoff for a mid or heavy-duty shredder to keep in office in the long run.