FM Static is a Toronto-based pop punk band currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band was started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch frontman, Trevor McNevan and drummer Steve Augustine. In 2003, they released their first album (What Are You Waiting For?), which has sold over 60,000 units to date and featured the singles "Definitely Maybe" and "Crazy Mary." On August 1, 2006, FM Static released their second album entitled Critically Ashamed, which featured the single "Waste of Time." Originally, a cover of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" was to be included in this album, but it was removed later in the production process. McNevan is also close with Hawk Nelson, another Canadian band, and appears in their music video "California". FM Static won the "Best Website Ever Made" from the Webgrammys.

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Discography, 2 albums

What Are You Waiting For? - 2003
Three Days Later
Crazy Mary
Something To Believe In
Definitely Maybe
All The Days
Hold Me Twice
The Notion
My First Stereo
Hey Now
Critically Ashamed - 2006
Hope The Rock Show Goes Good
Flop Culture
Six Candles
The Next Big Thing
America's Next Freak
The Video Store
Girl Of The Year
Nice Piece Of Art
What It Feels Like
Waste Of Time
Moment Of Truth

Non-album songs

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