I'll Keep It With Mine

I'll Keep It With Mine
You may search, at any cost
But how long can you
Search for what's not lost?
Everybody will help you
Some people are very kind
But if I can save you any time

Come on, give it to me
I'll keep it with mine

I can't help it, if you might think I'm odd
If I say I'm loving you,
Not for what you are, but for what you're not
Everybody will help you
Discover what you set out to find
But if I can save you any time

Come on, give it to me
I'll keep it with mine

The train leaves at half past ten
But I'll be back tomorrow
At the same time again
The conductor, he's weary
He's still stuck on the line
But if I can save you any time

Come on, give it to me
I'll keep it with mine

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