Privacy policy

With technology 4.0, the security of users' personal information is extremely important. With the motto of operation, customers are the first priority of all services. Our team is working daily, hourly to upgrade and secure the layer that protects user information. Therefore, we commit to our customers that your personal information or service usage history will be absolutely confidential by us.

1. Your Personal Information

At Utter Lyrics we do not require you to register an account to use the service like other websites. So, you may rest assured that your information will not be exposed. 

We always focus and improve the user experience so we always respect the personal information of each customer. We want to make your visit to Utter Lyrics as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

2. Information we collect

As noted above, we do not ask you to register for an account and provide personal information. However, so that we can serve you better and provide you with a better experience. So, based on the IP address, we collect your search history and the industry you are looking for by keyword. 

For example, when you search for the best paper shredder for home use, our website will save your IP address. From there we will automatically collect information across third-party platforms, plugins, or social networks to which we are affiliated.

Any collection of this information is for the user experience when you use our services for no other purpose. We promise you this. 

Of course, if you don't want our information to bother you, you can completely remove the newsletters and advertisements on our site when you visit. Now you just need to focus on the products you want to target.

3. We will do with your information

As we have committed, all of your information and data collection will only serve to analyze as well as recommend the best products and services for customers. So we will only use this information to get to know you better. 

To provide you with exactly your desired needs. For example, if you are in need of a paper shredder for your office, we will send you suggestions for the best paper shredder for the office. Then you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort searching among thousands of ads on Google anymore.

The analysis of user preferences, customer search trends will help us offer the best-recommended products. Along with that, it saves you time and effort. This way we help you and you also help us grow. That's great, isn't it?

4. Cookies, web beacons, and third-party cookies

With that said, we do not collect your personal information by requiring an account registration. However, when you use our website you may encounter unexpected advertisements from third parties. 

And we are not sure about the security of your information with this third party. So, when using our website, if you see any cookie that opens a link to a website that isn't ours, it's a third party.

And you should be more careful with your personal information. Check the third party's privacy policy right on their website and when you see your information is secure, it's time to leave it.

However, with the motto of promoting customer experience, we always prioritize choosing a trusted third-party partner. And to protect your own personal information, we advise you not to be subjective and not too dependent on us!

5. Links

We do not provide products, we provide services. So when you visit and use the service of Utter Lyrics, you click on the resulting link. 

You will see the article content that leads to other apps and websites. This you can rest assured because these are the links with our third partners that have been selected. And of course, these links are secure and subject to the user's privacy policy. Please feel free to purchase and enjoy!

6. Policy for children

Any service provider for long-term development needs to respect children and comply with child protection policies. And so does Utter Lyrics. 

We don’t allow children under the age of 13 to use any of our services. Any collection of data or information relating to children under the age of 13 is illegal and we do not store it.

7. Information security

Information security is a promise to our customers and we strictly adhere to consumer protection standards. We work tirelessly to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction of our users' IPs. 

For example, all information related to the keyword best paper shredder under 500$ that you search on our website and on the internet will be protected by us to the extent we can.

8. Execution

We always try our best to protect our users' information against hacker attacks. And you can rest assured that your data has never been stolen by our team.

9. Cookie DoubleClick DART

At, as with other websites, we are required to follow Google's policies. We must accept that Google may use cookies as a third party. And here is the DART cookie policy to serve users with relevant ads on multiple google sites.

10. Changes to this privacy policy

Our privacy policy may change at any time without prior notice to users. For changes that are important and affect users, we will notify you in advance. 

For information that is not too important, we will update it in the policy section. So how will we notify customers of important changes? Important changes, for example, regarding IP, we will display prominent notices on the website or email.